National Football League 2007 Mid Season Review

Ault, however, has always had a flair for making history in what he prefers to call Nevada's state championship game. The previous UNLV assistant coach is now 14-7 against UNLV as the Pack head coach.

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Denver is 4-0 with an all of a sudden terrific defense and a strong running game. I really like Kyle Orton in this offense; he is playing a strong video game these days.

The greatest surprise in this division, if not the entire NFL, is Pittsburgh's fall from grace. Formerly referred to as the World Champions, the Steelers are now just a symbol.of dissatisfaction. After losing to Denver in week 8, their hopes for making the playoffs are gone. Possibly it simply wasn't their year or maybe the source of Ben Roethlisberger's talent remained in his now gotten rid of appendix. Whatever the reason, absolutely nothing - not even Bill Cowher's jaw - suffices to frighten these players back into winning. They will spend January seeing the playoffs from the sofa, next to another group in their department, the Cleveland Browns.

Cincinnati Bengals at the Indianapolis Colts - This will be shoot out. No question. Due to the fact that neither one of these teams can play defense. And while the Colts most likely have the much better defense of the 2, there's more holes in their defense a piece of Swiss cheese. Carson Palmer and johnson treadmill will have wedding days versus that Cover 2 scheme of Indy, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh will select up what's left over the middle of field. In the end, it's going to boil down to which offending line can safeguard their quarterback and run the ball most effectively, which line belongs to the Bengals. Bengals win (31-27).

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Lantrip went into the game midway through the 2nd quarter with the Wolf Load leading 3-0 on the very first of three Allen Hardison basket. The senior quarterback's very first play was a short pass to Matthews on the right side that chose 90 yards and a goal and a 10-0 Load lead.

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